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Release the Hounds!!! – GoT style

Release the Hounds!!! - GoT style

Do we have any Game Of Thrones fans out there? Last night’s episode was pretty grotesque towards the end, but if you’re a dog nerd like me over here at Dogs Rock! Vermont you would’ve been drooling over the beautiful creatures Ramsay Bolton deemed “his girls.”


Cane Corso Italiano

Meet the Cane Corso Italiano, sometimes referred to as an Italian Mastiff. These amazing dogs were originally bred and used for hunting and protection. They are best known for their size (approximately 100lbs) and large, notable head. 

The Cane Coso breed is intelligent, independent and determined. They are loyal to their families and are fantastic protectors! It’s important that owners of Cane Corso Italianos understand their breed and provide continued structure and leadership throughout their relationship.

I’ve met a handful of these dogs and just love them to pieces! If you get to know one well enough, it’s just so much fun to smush their big faces and shower them with kisses!!!

Thanks for reading my dog nerd post of the day! Over and out!