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Meet & Greet, plus free seminar at the VT-K9 Merchant’s Market

Meet & Greet, plus free seminar at the VT-K9 Merchant's Market

Do you have questions about your dog or are interested in learning more about canine body language and behavior? Come hang out with me at the Crate Escape, Too! in Williston, Vermont on Saturday, Nov. 5 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and join me for a free talk and discussion on canine socialization at 1 p.m. at the VT-K9 Merchant’s Market!

The Crate Escape, Too! is  hosting the VT – K9 Merchant’s Market in conjunction with our open house on Saturday November 5th to celebrate local small businesses, organizations and non-profits that invest so much of their lives in the care and happiness of our communities pets. This event is entirely free and open the public. Due to space limitations and ongoing demonstrations, attendees are urged to leave their four legged their four legged friends at home (unless they have a scheduled appointment with one of the vendors).

Some of the other vendors confirmed for the event are the Vermont Police Canine Association, Therapy Dogs of Vermont, Trupanion, Ultimate Companions Dog Training, and Buddy’s Bandannas!

Raffle Prizes from Pet Food Warehouse and The Dog and The Cat will be available as well!

Don’t miss this awesome event! Not only will it be fun, but it will also be educational and entertaining!

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Breed Matters in Dog Play

Nature vs Nurture. How much does each play into the development of your dog? In this amazing video we see a group of young hunting dogs stalking the prey held before them – intentionally honing natural born instincts to hunt. This is how working dogs are trained to complete specific tasks.


Now think about your dog and their breed or breed-mix. Do you notice specific behaviors your dog does that is different from your neighbors? When your dog plays with another dog, does it like to nip at the ankles, bark loudly or growl a lot? The more you know about your dogs background, especially rescues in which we know very little, the better!

Breed does not determine everything about a dog, nor should it. Each dog is an individual and should be treated as such. But understand breed disposition is part of the larger puzzle that we need to look at when trying to understand our dogs.

Take a minute to watch your dog the next time it’s interactive with people or animals. I bet you’ll see something new.

This blog is a response to this Facebook video!