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Dog Park Safety Q&A & Shelburne Village Dog Park

Dog Park Safety Q&A & Shelburne Village Dog Park

If you attend the dog park regularly with your pup, now is your chance to make sure you are doing it safely!!!


Laurie Lawless of Dogs Rock! Vermont discusses the importance of dog training with local reporters at Starr Farm Park.

Laurie Lawless of Dogs Rock! Vermont is an expert in off-leash, large group dog play and she wants to share her knowledge!

Come join her from 11am to 1pm for an open Q&A session! You can ask her anything! Respond to the Facebook Event Page now and let us know you are coming!

Dog Park Safety Packs, cleverly dubbed by a park goer as the “peace of mind kit,” will be available for purchase!

Knowledge is power! Let’s make dog parks safer for everyone!!! See you there!!!


The Shelburne Village Dog Park

740 Harbor Rd,

Shelburne, VT 05482

Breed Matters in Dog Play

Nature vs Nurture. How much does each play into the development of your dog? In this amazing video we see a group of young hunting dogs stalking the prey held before them – intentionally honing natural born instincts to hunt. This is how working dogs are trained to complete specific tasks.


Now think about your dog and their breed or breed-mix. Do you notice specific behaviors your dog does that is different from your neighbors? When your dog plays with another dog, does it like to nip at the ankles, bark loudly or growl a lot? The more you know about your dogs background, especially rescues in which we know very little, the better!

Breed does not determine everything about a dog, nor should it. Each dog is an individual and should be treated as such. But understand breed disposition is part of the larger puzzle that we need to look at when trying to understand our dogs.

Take a minute to watch your dog the next time it’s interactive with people or animals. I bet you’ll see something new.

This blog is a response to this Facebook video!

Play Bites or Play Fights?

Play Bites or Play Fights?

While I agree with the thought and logic behind this article, I definitly can call out some “facts” in here that are actually incredibly common misconceptions- and you should be aware! Dog park education is so important!

Assumption: “Some dogs play too rough for others. Though they’re not trying to be aggressive, scratches or play bites can happen.”

Truth: Dogs do not accidentally bite. Every time a dog places his mouth on something, it is with intent. After years of watching videos of incidents between dogs, I began to realize that each time a dog received an injury, such as an ear tear or skin scrape, something I normally would have considered a “rough play accident”, was actually the result of a momentary aggressive action. These actions resulted from one of the dogs getting annoyed with the other because it was being bullied, the play becoming over stimulated, one of the dogs feeling threatened, and so on. Regardless of what happened before or after, the incident itself was always done with an intention behind it.

Therefore, when you take your pet to the dog park, and you hear of dogs giving or receiving accidental injuries, this should be a red flag for you to keep your eyes out, supervisor your pet while playing, and feel good about leaving if need to! The more knowledge you have, the safer your pet will be.

My rambling response was written because of this article circulating on Facebook.