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Dog Training and Behavior Consulting

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Workshops, Training and Seminars

You deserve confidence in your skill set.

You strive to provide the best possible care to the dogs who you have been trusted to oversee, but working in the pet care industry can be tough on your soul. Whether you’re in sheltering, doggie daycare, rescue or pet sitting, working with dogs is emotional and it takes a certain type of passion and determination to succeed. 

Growing your knowledge and establishing your standard of care is crucial to your resiliency in this industry and Laurie is here to help.

Dogs are awesome…and so are you!

Laurie is available for customized seminars, workshops and presentations!

Some previous workshops and presentations Laurie has done include:

  • Dog Daycare – How to manage large groups of dogs effectively and safely
  • Defensive Dog Handling Skills – A presentation best fit for shelter workers and veterinary technicians
  • Dog to Dog Interactions – Understanding how dogs communicate
  • Is this Friendly? – How to spot red flags and warning signs of potentially dangerous dogs when out in public
  • Dog Park – Look Out! Dangers at the dog park! What dog owners need to know before going to the dog park
  • Working Carefully Around Unknown Dogs – For the public or private service person going in and out of people’s homes
  • Not So Complicated Canines – Understanding how dog’s learn and how to scratch the surface of addressing major behavior problems
  • Living with a Reactive Dog – Tips and tricks for owners of reactive dogs

Laurie charges $75/hour to present at your location. For customized presentations, an initial set-up fee of $150 will be charged. Please contact her directly for more information at

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