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Behavior Consulting and more.

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Pet Professionals

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You deserve confidence in your skill set.

You strive to provide the best possible care to the dogs who you have been trusted to oversee, but working in the pet care industry can be tough on your soul. Whether you’re in sheltering, doggie daycare, rescue or pet sitting, working with dogs is emotional and it takes a certain type of passion and determination to succeed.¬†

Growing your knowledge and establishing your standard of care is crucial to your resiliency in this industry and Laurie is here to help.

Dogs are awesome…and so are you!

  • Foster Family Preparedness
  • Dogs w/ Behavior Problems in your Program

Shelter Operations Consulting

  • Staff Training Workshops
  • Setting up and Running Playgroups
  • Behavior and Enrichment Programs

Daycare Operations Consulting

  • Evaluating your Daycare Set Up & Structure
  • Staff Training
  • Pack/Group Management
  • Emergency Protocol Establishment