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Dog Training and Behavior Consulting

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The Rock Star Puppy Program

Trust the experts to help you get a jump start on your puppy’s development and the rest will fall into place as they grow!


Training and Socialization is critical for your puppy’s developmental well being! Puppies are cute when they are small and mischievous, but waiting too long to start training can lead to bigger problems down the road!

The Rock Star Puppy Program is designed for puppies under 5 months of age and is built to get you and your new best friend off on the right foot! Not only will we be working on some initial basic obedience, but we will work together to teach your new puppy how to socialize and interact appropriately with the world around him. This is a great chance to build a bond with your puppy that won’t ever be forgotten!

This program includes a 60 minute get-to-know-you and educational session on how puppies learn and socialize, basic body language and behavior, and the do’s and don’t of puppy hood, followed by three hands-on sessions where we begin training out in the real world. Additional puppy basics covered in the course are bite inhibition, crate training, potty training and puppy proofing as well as introductions to sit, down, leave-it, and loose leash walking!

Mary currently services Burlington, Colchester, Hinesburg, Williston, Richmond, Essex, Shelburne , Charlotte, Vergennes, Ferrisburg, North Ferrisburgh, Monkton, Bristol.

Program Cost: $350 (including the initial consultation)

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Border Collie puppy sitting for a treat outdoors. Approved by Denise Flaim May 2018.
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