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Dog Training and Behavior Consulting

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The Rock Star Puppy Program

It is never too early to start training. Seriously.

Did you know that puppies as young as six weeks old can learn how to sit? Training and socialization is critical for your puppy’s developmental well being. Additionally, building foundation skills (for you and your puppy) can prevent behavior problems down the road.

The Rock Star Puppy Program is designed for puppies under 5 months of age and focuses on teaching you how puppies learn and the importance of proper socialization. Most importantly, you’ll learn the do’s and don’t of puppy-hood, as there is a lot of misinformation out there!  Because every puppy and family is different, following the initial consultation, the program is then customized to fit your family’s needs with three hands-on training sessions at home and in your community!

Initial Consultation: $100
Full Program Cost (including the initial consultation): $350

Service Locations:

Burlington, Bristol, Charlotte, Colchester, Essex, Ferrisburg, Hinesburg, Monkton, North Ferrisburgh, Richmond, Shelburne, Vergennes, Williston.

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Border Collie puppy sitting for a treat outdoors. Approved by Denise Flaim May 2018.
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