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Professional Canine Consulting

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Canine Consulting

In-home Private Training

In-home training provides an in-depth and personalized approach that sets you up for success, effectively solves problems, and creates positive changes for you and your dog.

Step One – In-home Consultation

This is where it all begins! The consultation is a fantastic way to get help from a qualified professional, who also happens to be a dog lover. You will receive guidance, expertise and a plan for training.  The consultation seeks first and foremost to begin improving your relationship with your dog right away!

  • Consultation Fee: $125

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Step Two- Pick Your Program!

Dogs Rock! Vermont has a variety of programs to suit your needs! Please take a look at your program options below! Don’t worry if you aren’t sure which training program is right for you, that’s what the consultation is for!

My dog:

Problem Solving Program

If your dog is doing something that makes you nervous, uneasy, angry, upset, or any feeling other than happiness, please call! Relationships with our dogs should be fun, not stressful. Working together we can help you and your dog resolve problems and break down the barriers that are preventing from you from moving forward together.

Behavior problem solving typically requires a much more in-depth knowledgeable approach to not further developmental damage in your dog. Some examples of specialty training include obsessive compulsive behaviors, such as spinning and shadow chasing, severe reactivity towards dogs or people, fighting with other dogs in the house,  resource guarding behaviors such as toy, object or food guarding and aggression towards dogs or people.

No matter the problem at hand, Laurie is dedicated to helping you get to the bottom of whats going on and work you through a program to resolve those issues. If you are interested in learning more about Laurie’s background and credentials working with challenging dogs, visit her on-line resume!

Price: Pricing for behavior programs will vary depending on many factors, including the severity of the problem(s) and goals of the family. Following the initial consultation Laurie will provide a training plan customized your dog. Don’t worry, Laurie has varying tiers of the Behavior Problem Solving Program that will fit the needs of your family including the budget you have available!

*Sessions must be used within 6 months of program purchase

Rock Star Puppy Program (8-16 weeks)

This fun and interactive program is designed for puppies under 5 months of age and is built to get you and your new best friend off on the right foot! Not only will we be working on some initial basic obedience, but we will work together to teach your new puppy how to socialize and interact appropriately with the world around him. This is a great chance to build a bond with your puppy that won’t ever be forgotten!

This program includes a 90 minute educational lesson for you on how puppies learn and socialize, basic body language and behavior, and the do’s and don’t of puppy hood, followed by three hands-on sessions where we begin training out in the real world. Additional puppy basics covered in the course are bite inhibition, crate training, potty training and puppy proofing as well as introductions to sit, down, leave-it, and loose leash walking!

Price: $325 – includes consultation

* Sessions must be used within six months of Program purchase

Building Blocks Program

A foundational crash course for both dogs and parents! Perfect for puppies over 6 months old and or adult dogs who need a refresher, this program includes an initial consultation on how dogs learn, basic body language and common problem behaviors, followed by four hands-on sessions where we dive into training skills and proper socialization skills. Build Blocks is designed to establish a bond, build structure and set you up for success. We’ll cover all the basics such as proper greetings, sit, down, stay and loose leash walking in addition to any other training specifics that come up along the way!

Price: $475 (includes consultation)

* Sessions must be used within six months of Program purchase

Revamp Bootcamp

Is your dog pretty well trained, but has certain behaviors that drive you crazy? Do they bark at other dogs on the leash? Pull you down the street? Chew on your favorite piece of furniture? Go crazy when visitors come over? This program is designed for dogs and dogs owners who need just a little bit of help and the right tools to get them on the path towards success! Remember, even older dogs can learn new tricks!

Price: $285 (includes consultation)

* Sessions must be used within six months of Program purchase

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