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Canine Consulting

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Thank you for seeking professional help for you and your dog! You’ve taken the first steps to a brighter future! Unfortunately, I am not taking new clients at this time while I travel over the holiday and take January to spend time with my family and restructure my business to provide better services to my current and future clients.

For those in the Burlington, VT area who would like to seek help with their aggressive or reactive dog, please visit Fetch the Leash located on Pearl St.
If you are outside of the immediate Burlington area or are seeking in-home consulting for your dog’s behavior needs, please contact:
  • Emily Lewis of A Click Away Training – Separation Anxiety, Aggression, Intra-Household Dog Aggression
  • Lucy Weaver DogSpeak Dog Training – Reducing unwanted adolescent behavior, Fearful Dogs, Reactivity,

Thank you for your understanding at this busy time!

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“Behavior consulting goes beyond general dog training and seeks to do more than simply control unwanted behavior. The behavior consultant, through a detailed history and observation, makes an assessment of the causes and contributing factors of the problem behaviors, designs a behavior modification program, and then coaches the family on how to effectively apply the program.” – Michelle Douglas, CDBC, of The Refined Canine