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Professional Canine Consulting

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Canine Consulting

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An initial consultation is done in the home and can last between one and two hours, but typically averages about 90 minutes.

Laurie will spend time both with you and your dog gathering history, assessing what’s going on, and putting a customized plan together.

A follow up report and training plan is emailed within two days of the consultation.

A flat rate of $125 is charged for the consultation, regardless of the behaviors.

At this time, Laurie is only able to see families within a 40 minute drive of Burlington, VT.


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“Behavior consulting goes beyond general dog training and seeks to do more than simply control unwanted behavior. The behavior consultant, through a detailed history and observation, makes an assessment of the causes and contributing factors of the problem behaviors, designs a behavior modification program, and then coaches the family on how to effectively apply the program.” – Michelle Douglas, CDBC, of The Refined Canine