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Dog Training and Behavior Consulting

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Behavior Consultations

You deserve to have a good relationship with your dog.

 Loving and living with a fearful, reactive or aggressive dog can be isolating. Having been there with her own dog, Laurie understands the need for help and support, and has dedicated her life and career to advocating for dogs and helping those who feel hopeless with their pets.

With the right plan, a good support system, and experienced coaching, most behavior problems can be completely solved or managed safely. Laurie will provide you with the experience and tools you need to help your dog overcome their challenges and rebuild your relationship.

Dogs are awesome…

…and so are you!

Consultation Information

An initial consultation is done in the home and can last between one and two hours, but typically averages about 90 minutes.

Laurie will spend time both with you and your dog gathering history, assessing the behavior problem(s), and putting a customized plan together.

A follow up report and training plan is emailed within two days of the consultation.

A flat rate of $150 is charged for the consultation.

Follow up sessions are $90 and last an hour. Pricing on customized programs are available following the initial consultation.

A travel fee will be added to any clients outside of a 40 minute drive of Burlington, VT.

Scheduling Process

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“Behavior consulting goes beyond general dog training and seeks to do more than simply control unwanted behavior. The behavior consultant, through a detailed history and observation, makes an assessment of the causes and contributing factors of the problem behaviors, designs a behavior modification program, and then coaches the family on how to effectively apply the program.” – Michelle Douglas, CDBC, of The Refined Canine