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Why I Stress the Importance of Impulse Control

Why I Stress the Importance of Impulse Control

One of the ideas I stress to my clients during foundation work is the idea of impulse control in our dogs. A lack of impulse control can lead to things such as high arousal, which as this article points out, can lead to aggression. When companion animals don’t know how to stop themselves from becoming aroused, it can lead to dangerous situations, even if they are unintentional and seemingly harmless.

If a squirrel darted out in front of you during a walk, would your dog yank you down the street? If you drop food on the floor while cooking would your dog dive bomb for it? If your dog was put in an uncomfortable situation would he take the time to think about how he would react, or would he just revert to instincts and bite?

Each dog possesses a certain amount of impulse control, but every dog is absolutely capable of learning where they may fall short. That’s where foundational training is crucial in forming a respectful relationship with our dogs.