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Know Your Breed

Know Your Breed

When greeting and playing with other dogs, pit bulls (generally speaking) are confident, exhibit stiff posture and are borderline confrontational.

It took me years to master the skills of honing in on incredibly subtle cues and I am still usually on edge when introducing one pit bull to another dog (pit or not) when I don’t know their background or history.

When evaluating ANY DOG for aggression thresholds, it’s incredibly important to take that dog’s socialability (with people and other dogs) into account because a dog with low socialability, given the right circumstances, will not hold back from defending itself or things they may consider valuable to then. You do not know a dog’s bite inhibition until it actually bites. So when that dog happens to be a pit bull at high arousal, things can get dangerous very quickly if they have low or no bite inhibition and because of their genetic predisposition to bite and hold.

The most important thing to take away from this post is to know your breed. Do your research. Know what your dog is capable of and don’t set them up to fail.

Is your typical family companion raised pit bull going to maul a child out of nowhere ? No. Are all pit bulls inherently dangerous creatures? No! Are pit bulls incredibly strong, muscular animals capable of causing a lot of damage? The answer to that one is yes.

This blog was a response to this Facebook post by Jo-Rosie, Archie the Super Pit & Co.