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Simple Solutions to Everyday Struggles

Simple Solutions to Everyday Struggles

Monitoring kids with dogs is incredibly important! No matter how tolerant your dog is of children, it is reasonable to believe that each individual dog has a threshold they can hit. Once that threshold has been reached, it takes only a split second for irreversible damage to be done.

But, don’t worry! Protecting your dog and child from each other is easy and can be done with minimal effort. Pictured below is a good friend of mine who’s toddler started walking last year. Taking preemptive steps to give Gus, the dog, the space he needed, she began blocking off his food area. Now-a-days, Gus has his own feeding room her child is not allowed in, but this temporary fix seen below helped Gus feel safe during meal times and kept the little one safe from harm until a more permanent solution could be put in place.

Take this moment think about how you protect your dog from children, whether they are your own or if they are visiting. Then think about how you protect children from your dog. Post below with suggestions and ideas!!!